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Open letter to Lake County Florida concerning a ”FORGOTTEN ELDERLY VICTIM”

I recently came across the following facts and circumstances of a Grey Murder while in the process of doing research for my book on how to protect the elderly from being targeted for theft.

The month and year of occurrence was October of 2010. The location was the city of Leesburg , in Lake County Florida.

When 81 year old Janet L. Patrick did not return from a trip to the food store, her elderly friend, whom she was also shopping for , called the police.

The subsequent investigation revealed that she had been targeted by a predator while she was in the store parking lot. The elderly woman had been kidnapped ,Robbed of her car and her credit cards and Murdered. Her nude , decomposing body was found dumped in some woods a week later. Her killer had in fact been tracked down and taken into custody.

Now fast forward to August the 29th of 2013.

Her killer had his day in court , several actually. A Lake County jury found him guilty.

But wait! , there is more to this horrific Elder crime story. I read a published account of that day written by Millard K. Ives , a reporter with the Daily Commercial. You see , what I learned from his article was that when this verdict was read in open court, it was to an empty court room.

No friends or family were in attendance, only Law Enforcement personnel. The sound of silence must have been deafening…


I also read the clerks file on this case . 81 year old Janet L. Patrick is described as a frail lady that used a walker.

She was described as being very shy; in addition she faithfully listened to her religious tapes at home and in her vehicle. Law Enforcement did its job. The Judicial System did its job and did it well. The Media covered the trial.

However it appears to me that ,Janet L. Patrick’s fate is to be a forgotten victim, which brings me to my point.

At 9:30 A.M. on Friday the 28th of February 2014, in open court (Open to the public) the killer will learn his fate from the trial Judge during his sentencing.

This killer will not have to face his elderly victim, and there is nothing that can be done about that . What the Lake County  community’s leadership can do , and what I am suggesting the leadership do, is organize an  effort for the good people of Lake County to befriend Janet L.Patrick; so the media story line  reads something like this.

As the killer learned his fate , he did not have to look at the victim. However , he most certainly was aware of the many eyes upon him. The court room was  filled to capacity with members of her Lake County community , sitting shoulder to shoulder , observing Justice being administered for 81 year old Janet L.Patrick.

There is more information about remembering this Lake County Elderly Murder posted on the internet under my blog post.

Robert Max Clark




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Good Bye Lake County… 

One thing that my experience has taught me is that communications is the key to reaching the Hearts and Minds of reasonable people. Communications comes in many different forms.
A Conversation being one form, it is a simple, but yet again, a complex form of communicating. A conversation needs a starting point/ an Ice breaker. It was that thought that gave birth to the “Open Letter to Lake County” Idea that I have posted on my Blog.
In my efforts to reach the Hearts and Minds of Lake County folks, I knew I needed help.           I needed someone to have this conversation with. A week before the sentencing of the Killer of 81 year old Janet Patrick, I sent a hard copy of the” Open Letter to Lake County” by U.S.Mail to 70 community leaders and introduced myself. I had selected persons that in my judgment were most likely to respond to the Targeting of the Elderly, and respond they did. . .

Friday 2-28-2014, just a little after 9 A.M.

When the doors to Lake County Court room number 5 were unlocked to allow the crowd that was waiting outside in, the “Sound Of Silence” had finally been “Disturbed “ . . . It was both impressive and inspiring, truly a sight to behold as a steady stream of “friends of Janet L Patrick” filed into the court room quickly until every available seat was occupied. Members of the Lake County Community sitting” Shoulder to Shoulder”. The room was filled to seating capacity which left some standing at the back of the court room.

When the Trial Judge entered, “The sound of silence “ followed him into the room.                  I quickly wrote in my notebook the first thought I had at that moment, yes , once again there was silence in Court room number 5 , but this silence , , , was very different then the silence that I had previously written about in my blog posts and that I had found to be so haunting.  This silence was not a vacant silence.                                                                                                This silence was imposing and impressive. With a packed court room so quiet you could almost hear the Killers jaw drop when his fate was revealed by the Judge.                                        The killer was to forfeit his life for taking the life of 81 year old Janet L Patrick. . .

After the sentencing on Friday, and as I continued on my journey down life’s highway driving south out of Lake County, my thoughts were of having witnessed a community now communicating about that horrific case concerning the targeting for theft of Janet L Patrick , “a friend / elderly member of their community”. I thought of those good folks coming together to befriend an elderly victim. I thought about how now when I write about Lake County in my book, I’ll now be able to end that section on a positive note…               Also this thought came creeping into my mind, Perhaps, a Sleeping Giant has been awakened in Lake County …
At any rate , I did in fact leave Lake County with a song in my heart. My detour into Lake County is now over, and it is time for me to say “GOOD BYE” to the fine folks of that Community. My mind is now clear and free to concentrate on finishing my book.               This brings me to my closing statement.
This post is now over 600 words long. In order to keep my writing under 1000 words, I have posted a link to a 3 minute video I refer to as “AMEN” that will save me from writing an additional 1000 words about just how I feel concerning my detour into Lake County, putting the writing of my book on hold in order to launch a blogging site as a platform to address the “Sound Of Silence “ , as well as my forthcoming book.
Robert Max Clark
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