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My name is Robert Max Clark . I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 34 years of experience on the job.  23 of those years as a Criminal Investigator  for the State Attorney.

I am working on the last chapters of my book, so I have decided to try and do a little multi-tasking by launching this blog. I once heard/read if you want something done, give it to a busy person to handle.

With any luck , within the next couple months the book will be ready for an editor to clean up my work and I’ll have it published by late  2024.

The title is “FATE DIGEST FOR WOMEN BABY BOOMERS”. FATE Is an acronym for Financially Abusing The Elderly.

I have traveled around the state of Florida, and I have surfed the world on the internet doing research for the book.

I have sound reasons for addressing this book to women Baby Boomers which I cover in the book’s opening section. For this blog ‘s purpose let’s just say that it is “YOU”,  the daughter ,that steps up to the plate when MOM and DAD fall prey to the criminal. You assist in the Investigation and you do all the heavy lifting in stabilizing Mom/Dad’s life from the discovery of the victimization point to their Final Exit from this world, including clearing up the estate issues.

The Elderly are being targeted for theft at a rate that to date is only posted in estimates, such as in a 2015 True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse listing the loss at 36.48 Billion dollars each year. That amount is more than 12  times the 2.9 Billion that was reported  in the 2011 Metlife Study. The point being it is not getting safer out there for Mom/Dad…

To drive home this point, the column on the right side of my blog pages is an alphabetical  list of States and Countries which contains links to news stories I have collected and indexed from the United States and several countries from around the world. By clicking on the State/Country you will be able to view a brief blurb of a news report about an “Elderly Victim”.  When you click on the “READ MORE HERE “ label you will be connected to the News Stories Source.

This element of my blog gives you informational  access to raise your awareness of what is really happening in the real world of Elderly Abuse that is occurring all around you and your family.

It is my position that the root cause of the targeting of Mom/Dad is because they are now at a point in their long life that they are now suffering from the infirmities of aging and do not have a “ Final Exit Plan “ in place to address and handle  all the issues these infirmities of aging  give birth to.

Without the protections that a Final Exit Plan puts in place Mom/Dad are easy targets. A thief will always take the easy target first.

I address why there is no plan in place in detail in the book ,but again for this blogs purpose let’s just say the reasons are very simple ,yet complicated.  Again, they are some of the reasons I wrote my book.

If your Mom/Dad do not have a Final Exit Plan in place, they are not alone.

A survey on Death and Dying conducted by The California Health Care Foundation in 2012 , found while a large majority of Californians (82%) say it is important to have end of life wishes in writing, only 23% say they have done so… Death and dying are a big and extremely important last part of a Final Exit Plan.

Note that I went out of my way to insert the words “ last part” of a Final Exit Plan. The first part is important also ,this is where the protections are put in place to cover the last year or two of Mom/Dad’s life. It is this period that they could fall prey to the thief and lose everything, including in some cases their Life.

Once that victimization happens, it is you, the daughter that has to sort all this out and come up with a Final Exit Plan.  Now you have to find a way to fund the plan, as the only thing that disappeared was  Mom/Dads resources, because all their needs are still in place.

Well now you have something to think about. In the meantime, your opinion of me as the messenger is an important element of your evaluation of my message.

I have posted this video titledMy Experience Story to give you a detailed accounting of my professional life.